Kunert Electric

Power Up Your Space: Expert Electrician Services for Every Need

Facing electrical issues at home can be daunting, but you don’t have to tackle them alone. At our company, we understand the importance of a safe and reliable electrical system for your home. With 70 years  of experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation for providing top-notch residential electrical services tailored to your specific needs.

Our team of skilled residential electricians is dedicated to delivering high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Whether you’re dealing with a minor electrical repair or planning a major rewiring project, we have the expertise and resources to get the job done right the first time.



Home Electrical Repair

From flickering lights to faulty outlets, we promptly diagnose and fix any issue, prioritizing safety and quality. Our experienced electricians are equipped to handle any electrical problem in your home, ensuring that it is powered safely and efficiently.


Electrical Wiring Residential

Upgrade your home’s wiring system with our expert services, ensuring a safe and reliable infrastructure. We adhere to industry standards and regulations to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home’s electrical wiring is in good hands.



Home Generator Installation

Never worry about power outages again. Our seamless installations provide backup power for essential appliances or your entire home. With our expertise in home generator installation, you can rest assured that you’ll always have power when you need it most.


Smart Home Electrical Installation

Modernize your home with smart technology integration, from lighting to security systems. Our smart home electrical installation services are designed to help you create a modern, connected living space that enhances convenience, comfort, and security.


As technology continues to advance, more and more homeowners are looking to modernize their homes with smart technology. Our smart home electrical installation services are designed to help you transform your home into a modern, connected space. From smart lighting and thermostats to security systems and home automation, we’ll work with you to integrate cutting-edge technology seamlessly into your home.

At our company, we understand that your home is your sanctuary, and we’re committed to helping you create a safe, comfortable, and efficient living environment. With our team of skilled residential electricians by your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home’s electrical needs are in capable hands. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a safer, more efficient home electrical system. For more information on electrical safety and regulations, visit Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI).