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Kunert Electric offers a variety of off-grid and renewable energy systems. See below for more information about what options are right for you!

Micro Hydro

Watch the video at left to find out more about Micro-Hydro Power Systems!

For more information, or to find out if Micro-Hydro could work for you, call Jon at (541)430-5908.


Kunert Electric is the ONLY Douglas County Electrical Contractor and Dealer licensed to sell, service, and install Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation Systems!

Click here for an image gallery of our shop’s solar array

Click here to watch our shop’s array being constructed

Click here to watch the KPIC News segment about our Solar Array

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Should you buy a standby generator? Read this article in Popular Mechanics for an overview of the advantages and disadvantages. Standby generators can protect your family or business from prolonged power outages in the event of natural disasters or grid failures.

Interested in backup generators for your home or business, but not sure what you need? We can evaluate your specific needs and determine what sort of backup system is right for your needs. Need your system installed? We’ll do that too!

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